Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Honey Lounge Experience

Last night I was listening to I AM Oshun’s Honey Lounge Show on It was so refreshing to connect with like minds who in their own way are positively adding to the human experience. There were some great poets who called in and read their material. I did a piece from an upcoming song I’m working on called “The Purpose.” There was also a great dialog on the show about goals and taking responsibility for our manifestations. Earlier on in the show I shared a list of goals I got from a men’s group meeting my friend Stewart Swerdlow gave last year. This list has helped me stay focused on my purpose and I wanted to share it with the listeners :) I hope this list adds some guidance to your life, as it has mine.

Life Support Group Goals
To be able to change

To clean up the past

To be able to move forward

To integrate mind body and spirit

To rely on myself, my Oversoul and God Mind

To define spirituality in a way that is meaningful

To accept and like who I am at this moment in time and space

To learn to acquire knowledge as well as the wisdom to use it correctly

To acknowledge and assume total responsibility for where I am in my life including abundance, relationships, health, environment, finances, career, and personal satisfaction.

If you want to hear some great music and poetry, tune in to Oshun’s show! Shout out to Bilal Sankofa, and Ms. Ife, two other divine souls listening in from AZ.


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