Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Spirit that Lights the Tunnel

I think that one of my challenges is letting go of worry and letting my God given abundance flow into my life. Earlier this morning I was starting to wonder how I would increase my fan base to reflect total international popularity, and started to feel overwhelmed on the promotion part of being an independent Hip Hop artist. During that moment I remembered to be grateful for what I wanted as if I already had it and thought to myself, "I am so grateful now that I have a worldwide fan base of millions." Then I checked my email and saw that I am one of the new features on The Good Men Project website. The site features different men who are making a difference in their lives and in the environment around them. Take a moment and read the Q&A interview I did. I'm sure you will be able to pull something from it that resonates with your spirit. Even after re-reading the interview I found inspiration, forgetting what I had responded to them, I thought, "wow, I said that?!"

Later in the morning I talked to my good friend Queen Diva (who I will be featuring on my blog sometime in the future) and she reminded me to let go of worry because that is the exact force that will bring our fears into fruition. Thank you for that nudge of remembrance! Once again my God-Mind reminded me that my glass is half full and overflowing, I just had to see it. In seeing it I release part of the conditioning I realized I had from my youth that focused on the negative instead of the positive. We shouldn't just look forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but seeing the light in the part of the "tunnel" we are in now, because it is there. We just have to remember it's always with us and in that remembrance we can enjoy the part of the tunnel/journey we are in now.

I then got a notice that Inspiration on Fire speaker Lisa Murray posted a blog about my mixtape a couple of days ago. In it she said "I am HONORED to be included in this ground-breaking cd project!" Thank you so much Lisa. I'm grateful that I reflect back a total support system of my deepest creativity :)

Check out samples of the mixtape below

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